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Thursday, August 5, 2010

my first blog!

hi today is hot as ever it's 4:36 pm i'm at tha libary ( my work ) and it's so boring there are no much customers well of course it's SUMMER VACATION everyone having fun know i guess it's good for me so i can take my time reading books and since i want to improve my english of course i'm reading english book i start with small one and without any complicated words it's children fiction from age 12 too 19 it's really good one it's called " The Last Sherlock Holmes Story " more 9 pages and i'll finish it  thank god only one word that i didn't know it it's mean so i translated it i'm so proud of my self after i finish it i'm going to read " Ghost Stories " also children fiction but i don't think i'll enjoy it as much i enjoyed the first one since i'm big fan of Sherlock Holmes : D .

bythe way the books i'm reading are frem Oxford Bookworms libeaey (for teatching english) and ther are 6 stages my first story were stag 3 and the one i'm going to read next is stege 5 and the most important thing i forget to mention it at first these books comes with CD's ( Adio Books )

Oxford Bookworm Libarary

that's for today ..thanks for reading " Dear Me "

have a nice day


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